Holiday hair style

Holiday hair style

Expert Comment by Tabitha James Kraan

Looking great on holiday is all part of the fun but there’s no denying that it doesn’t come as naturally as the movies make out. That said, no-one likes going overboard with their hair style – after all, holidays are for relaxation. Here, professional stylist Tabitha James Kraan provides her top tips for achieving simple yet glamorous holiday hair with minimal time and effort…

When you’re on a beach, the triple whammy of sun, sand and sea water can wreak havoc on hair as well as skin. A good holiday rule is to think of your hair as an extension of your skin: treat it with just as much care and attention. 

Remember that hydrated hair is healthy hair, so ensure that you prevent your locks from becoming dry and brittle. At Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hairdressing, my salon in Stow-on-the-Wold, you can find a range of natural haircare products that help hair to thrive in the most testing of conditions. For example, I’d advise an oil treatment with our Scented Hair Oil the night before heading off on your travels, once mid-week and again on your return to keep your hair looking full of life and ready for anything.

Spending precious sunning hours preening hair is less than appealing and using tongs, straighteners and driers should be avoided whenever possible in hot weather. Fortunately, salt water provides the ideal hold and texture for beach style – just be sure to apply a rich conditioner as a leave-in treatment each day to help tame frizz and replenish all the moisture lost.

If you’re heading pool-side, always condition your hair beforehand to protect it from the harmful chemicals. Be sure, too, to cleanse any salt or chlorine out of it as soon as possible after swimming in the sea or pool.

We all know that washing hair every day can be time consuming and downright dull, but you can refresh it with the TJK Compact Dry Shampoo – it’s ideal for keeping in your handbag so that it’s always to hand when you’re on the go.

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